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The selection of the best school and admission process for the parents is extremely challenging since there are several options available. The registration process for admission into schools starts every year from March to May and it varies according to the available seats for each class. The deadline of filing the admission for schools has to be constantly checked by the parents and has to be done within the duration. To ease the process of admission and registration process UniApply has come up with information and details regarding numerous schools in and around your location.

What is UniApply?

UniApply is the one-stop solution for all your queries about schools in and around your location. UniApply is a school admission platform that is designed exclusively to ease the parents in finding the best-desired school for their child. Every year as a parent when we search for the right school for our child it takes a toll on us since we have to physically move around every school to inquire about them. Moreover, the forms have to be filled manually every time we visit the school with the same details. This becomes very tedious since it consumes a lot of our time and energy.

What is UniApply

Features of UniApply


UniApply provides the one stop solution where parents can investigate schools, expand the knowledge of the schools comprising board, fee’s structure, facilities, location, admission process, registration etc.

Compare schools

The UniApply application provides access to compare numerous schools regarding the information you need. You can compare two or three schools’ intercity or intracity and make a decision based on that. Before the UniApply app, one had to go to every school physically to inquire about the processes but now the UniApply application has made the parent’s job better and it is a savior.

Admission made easy with UniApply

Quick shortlisting

The UniApply application has a feature called school shortlisting where one can shortlist all the schools of their choice and put it all together in a bucket. This bucket can be accessed by the parents and applied whenever they need to. This becomes easy since there is no need to have a track of all the schools. Just shortlist the ones you wish to get admission to and decide based on that.

Track down admission

The admission timeline for innumerable schools can be easily tracked by the UniApply application. The schools that are currently accepting the admission process can be found using the filters. The schools which have stopped the admission process can also be seen and rejected. The real-time dates can be easily managed by UniApply.

Single Common form

The common form is one of the interesting features to be noted. UniApply application assists you to fill the admission form one sole time and can fulfill it to numerous schools as you need.

How UniApply is the one-stop best choice for all the parents?

UniApply is the one-stop solution for all of us who are searching for schools since they provide us with a lot of features to study about the schools without having to go in person for the details. UniApply application is such a savior that reduces our burden.

UniApply has come up in the picture to serve all that you need for the admission process with just one application that helps the parents to have a better experience. Parents have to explore the schools and the board in which they are followed. We have to compare multiple schools so that admission to the best school is achieved for our child. We also make a note of all the admission processes to keep a track of them. But with UniApply all the jobs are made in a jiffy by sitting at home with ease.

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