R for Rabbit Yoga Pant Style Diapers, Why Are They Perfect for Babies?

A good and comfortable diaper is what every mom dreams for their little one. The new born baby’s skin is super soft and can be easily prone to infection and diaper rashes. A good diaper is much needed to rule out the chances of diaper rashes in the little one. After doing my set of research I came across the R for Rabbit Yoga Pant Style diapers, and found  the pant style diapers the best choice for my enthusiastic baby. 

I love the fact that R for Rabbit yoga pants style diapers support well with all types of skin for instance,  dry or normal. If your baby has extremely sensitive skin then R for Rabbit pant style diapers is the ideal pick.  The feather diaper offers much needed comfort to the baby. Even if the baby is in diapers the entire night, they do not feel any heaviness in R for Rabbit yoga pants style diapers since they are light in weight and thin. 

Why did I choose  R for Rabbit Yoga Pant Style diapers for my baby?

Full Flexibility 

R for Rabbit yoga pant style diapers has a snug tight fit since they are styled like pants. It doesn’t leak easily and has enormous absorbing capacity. The pant-style diapers are flexible for the babies to move around and sleep with ease. Babies don’t even feel that they are wearing since they are super light and soft. The high waist bands offer support on the baby’s abdomen instead of the waist. The other brand’s offer support at the waist region which may disturb them while moving. 

Easy Way of Disposal 

R for Rabbit yoga pants  style diapers have a small disposal tape attached to them. With the help of this tape, it is effortless to dispose of  them after use. When a diaper is soiled or damp just wrap the tape around the used diaper and dispose of them properly.  It is very easy to dispose of rather than the other formal diapers. Make sure you select a relevant size for the babies according to the weight. This will prevent the leakage.

Free from Parabens and Fragrance 

R for Rabbit yoga pants  style diapers are organic and cotton fabric is used to formulate the diaper. So, they are pure and no chemicals are involved, an ideal choice for the delicate baby skin. R for Rabbit diapers are free from latex and parabens that can harm the baby’s skin. They do not cause any kind of rashes or allergy since they are free from phthalates. Surprisingly they do not possess any odors  like other diapers do. They are fragrant free which is subtle for the newborn skin.

Lightweight and Super Thin

R for Rabbit yoga pants  style diapers are thin unlike other diapers which are heavy for the babies to wear. Babies can move over with ease since they are not huge. The pant style diapers are thin that makes it a comfortable choice for everyday use. Newborns can’t carry heavy diapers since their skin is supple and soft. This makes R for Rabbit yoga pants  style diapers extremely safe for newborn babies as well. Even though the diapers are thin, they possess a high absorption rate and the liquid is spread even along the full diaper without settling in a place. So, these pants style diapers do not give rise to heaviness. 

Suitable for Sensitive Skin 

R for Rabbit yoga pants style diapers is thoughtfully curated exclusively for the newborns and infants’ skin because they are incredibly delicate and they have sensitive skin. This ensures that the babies are free from rashes, allergic reactions, dryness, and chapping skin quickly. The R for Rabbit feather diapers are composed of pure and natural products which are extremely breathable for the tiny ones. The new born baby will be super comfortable in the yoga pants style diaper. 

R for Rabbit pant style diapers supports well with babies of all kinds of skin texture and rightfully if your baby has very sensitive skin you can go for R for Rabbit yoga pant style diapers to make them feel relaxed and safe. Even if the newborn is wearing the pant style diapers for the whole day, they may not feel them since they are very soft to put on and babies sleep well without having any irritation.  I personally felt that the yoga pants  style diapers are a boon to the heavy wetter like my son.  I don’t need to change the diaper frequently. I personally felt that as a new mom my frustration of frequent diaper change is reduced a lot. When you want to leave the baby dry and safe, R for Rabbit yoga pants  style diapers is the best option. 

Hema Gayatri

Zenith Buzz Editor

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