How Using CGM Data as a Caregiver to a Person With Diabetes Helped in Effective Diabetes Management

My father is living with diabetes and as I am the primary caregiver I want to make his journey hassle free. To keep a tab on his glucose levels, we have been using FreeStyle Libre. This is a brilliantly designed continuous glucose monitoring (CGM) system which allows convenient tracking of glucose levels to manage diabetes.

Why FreeStyle Libre ?

FreeStyle Libre is useful for individuals with diabetes, as it provides real-time glucose readings and trends without the need for traditional fingerstick blood glucose testing. Users can easily scan the FreeStyle Libre sensor, which is worn on the back of the upper arm, using the reader. The reader then displays the current glucose level, a trend arrow indicating the direction of the glucose changes, and a graph of the user’s glucose history.

This empowers individuals with diabetes to make more informed decisions about their daily activities, diet, and insulin doses.

How does Time in Range help in effective diabetes management?

Time in Range (TIR) is the measure of time a person with diabetes spends with their blood glucose levels within a specific target range. This range can vary based on an individual’s diabetes management plan, but a commonly used range is between 70 mg/dL (3.9 mmol/L) and 180 mg/dL (10 mmol/L). By staying within this range, individuals can achieve optimal glycaemic control while minimising the risks of low or high blood sugar levels.

• Time in Range (TIR) measures the amount of time spent within a specific range for blood glucose levels.

• Time in Range (TIR) provides a comprehensive view of glycaemic control in individuals with diabetes. It is a valuable metric used by healthcare professionals to assess the effectiveness of diabetes management strategies.

• A higher Time in Range (TIR) percentage indicates more time spent within the optimal range.

• Time in Range (TIR) offers a holistic perspective when used with fasting and postprandial glucose testing and HbA1c.

• Improving Time in Range (TIR) can lead to better overall glycaemic control and health outcomes in individuals with diabetes.

Using data given by Freestyle libre for effective diabetes management

Using the FreeStyle Libre, you can easily determine the percentage of time spent within, above, and below your target range for blood glucose levels. Improving your Time in Range (TIR) directly contributes to lowering your HbA1c levels. To ensure optimal glucose control, it is important to keep your average glucose levels stable and minimise fluctuations. With FreeStyle Libre monitoring glucose levels is hassle free.

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