Tiny life hacks to reduce the plastics waste in our daily life

Plastic materials are widely used in daily life, as it is less expensive ease of transportation and flexible. Plastic is not biodegradable they may take centuries to decay, this increased usage of plastics causes pollution and a large amount of waste chemical. This is why we need to follow steps to reduce the plastic waste in our daily life. Plastics are dangerous because both creation and recycling of plastic produce toxic materials which can cause serious environmental risk and permanent harm to our metabolism. Here are some

Tiny life hacks to reduce the  plastic waste

Plastics are everywhere in our house. We use the plastic material in the living room, bedroom, and kitchen and even in our bathrooms. Sometimes the house is fully covered with plastic products the chair we sit on, the bottle where the drinking water is stored, storage of food, the plate we eat it from and in every other thing.It’s necessary to bring a change in the material we use with these tiny life hacks.

Tiny life hacks to reduce the usage of plastic materials in our daily life

1. Use cloth bags
cut short plastic waste with the help of cloth bags

We feel that plastics bags are very comfortable and inexpensive to carry things and products, but these bags are harmful and non-degradable. There are other alternatives which you can opt for, like cloth/ jute/khadi bags. These bags are reusable, easy to carry and good choice for a long-term usage.

2. Use non-toxic fibers

Polyester, acrylic, lycra, spandex, and nylon are plastic fabric. In conscious to buy most appealing cloth we forget that it is harmful and dangerous to use, try using cotton, woolen or kadhi clothing and slowly make it habitual.

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3. Try avoiding bottled beverages

Reduce the usage of bottled drinks like soda, juices, cold drinks that are stocked in our fridges. Fresh juices that are homemade are tastier and healthier.The milk we get in the sealed packets isn’t pure milk they contain certain chemicals and preservatives, so it’s better to buy it from the milkman and cut the plastic waste.

4. Reduce using ready to eat food products and plastics boxes

Do not use frozen food packets and instant cooking products; prefer homemade or freshly cooked food.and reduce using plastic storage boxes in your kitchen, instead use stainless steel boxes or glass storage boxes.

5. Avoid using the garbage bag/disposable paper plates and cups

A huge plastic bag to dump all other plastic waste. And we use this to dump the biodegradable and non-biodegradable separately with the non-degradable bag.Do not use these disposable paper plates and cups for house parties or picnic, this is a most convenient way to avoid messy cleaning work and after party cleaning. But that doesn’t mean we should avoid hygiene.

6.Avoid using plastics in your bathroom

Here are some tips to avoid plastic waste in our bathrooms
• The facial scrubs and other personal care products contain plastic and chemicals causing cancer. Start using natural homemade products for face and body wash.
• Reduce using deodorants and perfume made of chemicals, instead use homemade deodorants or eco-friendly ones.
• Use reusable razors, instead of dumping every disposable one after use. In a way, it reduces expense and plastic wastage.
Life hack to effective reduce the plastic waste at home
• Avoid using plastic feminine hygiene products, back then women used cloth during menstruation period. Though it is not convenient, you can switch to menstrual cups.
• Use soaps instead of shaving foams. We all are directed in a way to use foaming gel. But surely there is no difference in using soap or gel.

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It’s important that we know the positives and negatives of what we are doing or what are we using. Understand that it’s not possible to avoid plastic completely in today’s world, but a small trial that starts with our own self and household stuff would definitely bring a small change. So, let’s start avoiding plastic material and get back to our very own non-harmful natural materials and products.

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  • March 23, 2018 at 10:37 am

    It is the bounden duty for everyone to avoid plastic and the article is an Eye-opener indeed

  • March 27, 2018 at 8:40 am

    This is a very informative article..everyone should understand the importance of nature.. For our ease of work we don’t have to let allow use of plastics.


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