Tips to brighten up your kitchen

We all know the kitchen is the heart of a home. We do everything from cooking, eating, chatting, to surfing web in the kitchen. It is also important to keep the surrounding trendy bright and light filled.

Below are 10 amazing ideas to brighten up your kitchen

1. Liberate the windows

Quick way to make your kitchen beautiful

If you are planning to replace the entire kitchen then carefully plan the layout of the units. This will have a great impact on the light entering and reflecting the room. Keep the kitchen unit away from windows this will increase the flow of space and light.

2. Harness the garden

Make sure there are no kitchen units blocking the windows. You can also paint the walls with pale color, this will add more life to your kitchen along with good lights.

3. Max the glass

Tips to increase brigness in kitchen

If you have a less kitchen space then you can make the kitchen unit glass facing the garden but for that, you need to avoid overhead cupboards. You can also have windows above the wall units, this will provide good ventilation and sunlight.

4. See the sky

If the kitchen is a single story then you can also introduce a skylight, this will be a great resource to brighten the entire kitchen. You can also plan an angled roof light that will allow sunlight to enter the kitchen space.
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5. Be floored

If the sources of natural lights are less then you can include whites in your kitchen. It will make the light reflect the surface. A low sheen floor will provide both light reflection and maintenance. You can look for terrazzo tiles, stone, porcelain or ceramic tiles this will create a softer underfoot.

6. Pick pale units

Add beauty to the kitchen

It is advisable to use white units, you can also add some mild colors to create a wonderful contrast. Include your favorite shade to create a personal touch. Painting or replacing the door is a great option to brighten a dark kitchen.

7. Work your worktop

Being a higher horizontal surface in the kitchen the worktop can be used to brighten the kitchen, a low-sheen white worktop along with white units can reflect lights and bring brightness. There are wide ranges available, you can choose the best.

8. Splash out on your splashback

Based on your room layout, your splashback will fill both hob and wall length between the worktop and overhead units. You can look for single sheet material like polished glass. Titles will also work well.

9. Polish up

Tips to add more brightness to the kitchen
Polish up

The polished surface provides good reflection you can include stainless-steel appliances and metallic light fittings to worktops and floors. This will add more brightness to the kitchen. The most important part is to keep stainless-steel surfaces shiny and streak-free, that can be done with the mix of vinegar and baking soda.

10. Raise the roof

Tips to brighten up your kitchen easily

You can choose the height as per your choice to improve the flow of light. Painting a natural timber ceiling will improve the light-reflecting surface.


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