5 Reasons Why Pearls are Girl’s Best Friend Forever

Pearl is a gorgeous and alluring gem which always enjoys popularity among girls. It has a rich cultural and historical significance too. Most girls prefer pearls to diamond. Pearl has a beautiful connection with purity.

Pearls come in different color and shape like pink, white, cream, black, oval, and round and also an irregular shape. Pearl jewelry goes well with both traditional as well as modern style. The beauty of pearl jewelry is timeless and gorgeous. Here are

5 Reasons Why Pearls are Girl’s Best Friend Forever

The birth of pearl is totally a miraculous event, it isn’t mined from the earth rather it is the only piece of jewel created by living animal, all pearls oysters are born as male and then get transformed into females. This beautiful gemstone is cut and polished to add more beauty.

  1. Pearls go well with both traditional and modern outfit

Be it a wedding, anniversary, a graduation party or first date, pearls go well with all type of outfits. Every peal is unique in color and shape, you can wear a simple string or a heavy collection to add more beauty and glamour.

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  1. Pearls represent purity and love

Pearls develop like a baby inside the oysters and mussels. The unique and pure pearls represent the love bond between you and your special someone be it your mother, husband, sister or brother. It signifies the indispensable relationship between you and your partner.

  1. Pearls promote good health

Pearls eliminate negative thinking and promote good physical and mental health. The powder of pearl is considered as a superfood and is rich in natural calcium, magnesium, and amino acids. It helps to solve digestive issues, osteoporosis and cools the body.

  1. Pearls are environment-friendly

The beautiful pearls are grown in water and are truly nature’s gift. Pearls synonymous with memories and beautiful emotional bonds. It is a classic gemstone which can be gifted and worn for all special occasion. Check out some amazing options at Caratlane.

  1. Pearls are girl’s best friend forever

Pearls are the best and thoughtful gift for a girl because like a beautiful relationship, the pearls are nurtured over time, cared and maintained to bring the warm glow and charming luster.

Check out these 5 fascinating facts about pearls

  1. The pearls are extracted from oysters and the best part is it can be done without killing the oysters.
  2. Saltwater pearls are extracted from oysters and freshwater pearls are collected from mussels. In fact, the mussels. are capable of creating beautiful pearls.

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  3. The gorgeous color of pearls is derived from the shell’s inner elements. It can be in different shades like pink, white, purple, gold etc.
  4. No two pearls are alike, each and every pearl is unique and carries some imperfections.
  5. Total 95 % of pearls production comes from freshwater pearls but they hold less value than saltwater pearls.

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