5 Red Carpet Worthy Looks You Can Create With Colorisma!

Unconventional hair colours gained momentum over the last couple of years. With the pandemic, people got the time, energy and inspiration to go for hair colour experiments that they would have never gone for otherwise. And the trend continues in 2022.

The fear of hair damage has lost its relevance as temporary hair colours made its entrance in the hair colouring scene. Who says bleach is the only way to get a hair colour anymore? Temporary hair colours are all about the no bleach, no damage drama.

While the temporary hair colouring industry flourishes, luring more and more hair colour enthusiasts into their empire, I got my hands on the coolest temporary 1 wash hair color makeup launched recently by Colorisma from Anveya. I was skeptical about these cream hair colours at first, as Indian hair is comparatively darker. It get’s hard for the colours to hold on to the hair strands and appear decent. I put my fears to test finally on a Sunday and to say the least, Colorisma did sweep me off my feet!

After a few of my hair colouring experiments creating balayages, highlights, lowlights and many more styles with these temporary hair colours for women and men, I decided to enlighten your lives with 5 gorgeous and red-carpet worthy looks you can create with them. Browsing through pinterest for hair colour inspirations, these are a few that caught my eye. Now’s your chance to explore! Go ahead.

The Classic Crown braid With Euphoria Blue

Frankly, I’ve not come across any colour close to this shade of blue. I created almost all of the hair colour looks I could possibly think of, with the colour including the tempting money pieces, highlights and lowlights. But this one easily takes the cake. It’s a bit hard to achieve this kind of brilliance, but trust me when I say, it’s worth the effort. The crown braid is a classic hairstyle with a mystic feel. Expertly pairing it with Euphoria Blue, that too on rich black hair is the level of gorgeousness every girl out there aspires to achieve. Not every hair updo might be pompous and out there, but this one sure is! You can round up the global hair colour look with subtle make up and minimal accessories so as to not steal the thunder of the hair colour. 

The Show Stopper Champagne Gold money pieces

Evidently, there’s nothing not cool about this money piece look with the oh so stunning Champagne gold. Undeniably, the look gives me gothic vibes and I’m loving every bit of it! As you might already be aware, money pieces are all big right now. I lost count of the number of people I know who got money pieces in recent times. Create money pieces with the gold, if you got fringes, dab a little colour on them as shown in the above picture. A dark lipstick, glittery yet subtle makeup and an all-black outfit will do complete justice to this look!

Bringing out the feminine energy in Summer Pink

Do you also love pink like I do? Then this all-pink outfit with a supreme feminine energy is the one for you. Dip the tips of your rich black hair in this stunning Summer Pink. The pink hair look paired with the pink satin dress, glossy silver pointed heels, silver clutch, emerald earrings and the pink eyeshadow, is a mesmerizing one. Isn’t it illegal to look this good?

Subtle meets statement with Disco Platinum

This look is for the ones who want to be a little out there with their hair colour look, yet keep it understated and elegant. Part your hair from the center, grab a chunk of hair in the front on both the sides and dab on Disco Platinum. Even though the picture below has depicted the look on brown hair, pairing this colour with rich luscious black hair will be the best decision you’ll ever make!

The Enchanting Summer Pink Curls

2022 definitely leaves no room for shyness and subtlety. Hold your breath, because here I present to you a bewitching look with Summer Pink. I’d suggest curlheads to seriously consider this outwardly look, because why wouldn’t you? Put on colour on your curly tresses and let your natural black hair colour be on the roots. Pair the hair colour with pink lips, a lot of blush and mystic glittery eye make up as shown in the picture above.

Can’t wait to try all of these looks? I feel you! There are zillion other best hair colour styles out there, which can be put together perfectly with the Colorisma range of colours. Also, I heard Anveya is soon launching a new line of glittery hair colour shades.

Hema Gayatri

Zenith Buzz Editor

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