Bengaluru Gets Its First Vertical Garden . A Solution to Pollution Problems

We all are worried regarding the growing population. Almost all the cities especially the metropolitan cities are experiencing the worst air quality. China came up with a wonderful solution to reduce the pollution problem. It came up with creating Asia’s first Vertical Forest. The main task of the vertical forest is to generate 60-kilo grams of fresh oxygen every day. This is the reason, the entire world is welcoming this amazing concept.

Recently Bengaluru too has joined the league with a vertical garden which looks stunning. It is a masterpiece in itself.

Bengaluru Gets Its First Vertical Garden . A Solution to Pollution ProblemsAccording to this brilliant concept, there are nearly 3500 saplings of more than 10 species. You can see this masterpiece situated in one of the pillars of Hosur Road flyover at Bengaluru. The main motto behind this initiative is to fight against the air pollution and at the same time save space too.

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The best part is that these vertical gardens will help to reduce the heat and smog.  It will work as a natural air purifier to eliminate pollutants and dust. It will also be a habitat for birds and insects, increasing biodiversity. Say Trees has come up with this brilliant concept of automated drip irrigation system which will water these saplings every day. The ability of green walls is to provide thermal insulation for buildings means less demand on power, and as a result, fewer polluting by-products are released into the air. Every side has a creative design which makes the area look like a work of art. SayTrees aims to cover all pillars of this 9+ km flyover with such creative looking vertical garden to make the area look beautiful. SayTrees is looking for corporate partners who can fund more such pillars soon.

Bangalores vertical garden
The project is being supported by the Bangalore Elevated Tollway Private Limited. It is considered to be a wonderful step to reduce pollution. It will be great if other metropolitan cities get inspired and start implementing similar initiatives to reduce air pollution.

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