Why Cuddables Water Wipes are Best for Delicate Baby Skin

Wipes are every mother’s best friend and I am very particular about choosing the best for my baby. I was looking for a fragrant free and water-based wipes for my kiddo and came across Cuddables Water Baby Wipes. These wipes are PH Balanced and cotton-y soft. The best part is the wipes are fragrance-free, and chemical-free and  are also biodegradable. These wipes clean the baby’s skin without being too harsh on it. These wipes contain no toxic ingredients such as SLS, parabens, or alcohol. The wipes have undergone dermatological testing.

Fragrance Free

Baby wipes are not required to be scented. The best smelling substances are water and cotton. Cuddables maintained the status quo. In any case, the fragrance is extremely harmful to babies and children. The artificial fragrance can cause severe skin irritation. Fragrance-based wipes are harmful for the velvety soft skin.

PH Balanced and Cottony Soft

The wipes contain goodness of 100% cotton and is free from plastic, making them ultra soft and suitable for use on a baby’s skin whenever needed. suitable for the sensitive skin of infants and premature babies. All babies’ skin is delicate, but some babies’ skin is extremely sensitive. Even sensitive skin can use these wipes. It is an undeniable fact that chemicals, alcohol, and parabens can seriously disrupt the ph level of the skin. Cuddables Water Baby Wipes are alcohol, paraben, phthalate, and harsh chemical free.

99% of Water Wipes

Water is the purest and safest to be used to clean a baby. These wipes contain 99% pure aqua. : Wipes must be used numerous times throughout the day and night. They could be used to clean a baby’s mouth, face, hands, bum, and other sensitive areas. Cuddables Water Baby wipes are gentle on the baby’s skin and do not irritate it. The baby’s skin is healthy and clean.

Plant Based Fabric

Cuddables Water Baby Wipes are 100% biodegradable because they are made of plant-based fabric, specifically cotton. It is the safest choice for delicate baby’s skin and also for the environment. The wipes clean and hydrate the baby’s skin at the same time.

3 Times Thicker

Cuddables Water Wipes are three times thicker. It’s more effective. As a result, the duration time is excessive.  A single wipe is enough to wipe away the dirt from hand, legs and other body parts.  This means less usage and durability.

Reusable packaging

Baby wipes typically dry out after being opened. Cuddables Water Baby Wipes come in a resealable pack that can be closed again and again. And they are good until they are completely depleted.

My Take on Cuddables Water Baby Wipes

The Cuddables Water Baby Wipes are gentle on a baby’s skin and every mother’s favorite choice too. Most of the baby wipes are typically made of synthetic materials that are loaded with chemicals and artificial fragrances. I wouldn’t even use such wipes on my hands, let alone on a baby. Do you realize how frequently baby wipes are used to clean the baby’s skin? Rather than running to the bathroom every time we need to clean baby, we use them more frequently than we realize. Using such harsh baby wipes repeatedly causes skin rashes and irritation on the baby’s skin, making her restless. This is why I choose Cuddables Water Baby Wipes , these wipes are the most affordable and widely available baby wipes.

Cuddables wipes are available on Amazon, Flipkart, Meesho and you can also buy from their website and avail exciting offers.

Hema Gayatri

Zenith Buzz Editor

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