Are nutrition and exercise inter-connected to strengthen your muscles?

It is very important that we all strive to have a sound mind and fit body. Once upon a time, people were subject to poor lifestyle choices and as a result developed poor medical conditions such as obesity and malnutrition. What’s worse? This gave way to the development of comorbid medical conditions. This can be labelled as a sort of ‘lifestyle crisis’; where lack of following a proper lifestyle causes more harm to us and affects our functioning. As a result, many developed an interest in the need to get fit. Some exercised and some relied heavily on dieting. But people failed to understand that both ‘together’ play a significant role in strengthening our body and mind.

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Nutrition and exercise go hand-in-hand in promoting stronger muscles and reducing idle body fat. Many people usually connect nutrition and exercise to physical wellbeing; but in reality, it also influences one’s mental wellbeing as well. Unfortunately, many are unaware of the connection between nutrition and exercise; others don’t know how to practice both in a proper or systematic manner. This article will help you understand how nutrition and exercise are interconnected, occur systematically and the consequences of too much, too little or unsystematic reliance on nutrition and exercise.

How nutrition and exercise are interconnected?

Nutrition and exercise go hand-in-hand. They are inter-connected and are responsible for influencing one’s health and physical growth. It is important that you consume enough healthy food. Our body uses the energy from the food to sustain the body’s functioning. What’s more? Protein plays an important role in building muscle mass. But too much and too little can be harmful. It is exercise that helps to maintain the optimum level. The exercise we do helps to balance the amount of energy, from food, in our body and helps to expend the excess energy, stimulate muscle activity and promote muscle growth. But it is important to note that we should be careful of what we eat.



Different foods consist of different levels of nutrients and energy. So we need to consume foods that provide sufficient and necessary nutrients and level of energy. Otherwise, it will be difficult to control the flow of energy even with exercise. Both food and exercise help in anti-ageing, i.e., making us look younger and retaining our youthful appearance and energy; this is achieved through antioxidants which are available in certain foods and produced naturally through exercise.

Consequences of poor food habits, over-exercising and burnout

But too much or too little of something always leads to dire consequences. To rely on either nutrition or exercise alone would affect one’s overall health. Over-exercising without proper food intake could result in the person starving themselves, leading to ulcer and other serious medical conditions. Relying only on dieting to reduce weight will not guarantee strengthening of muscles. Burnout due to excessive reliance of either one or both without a proper plan can result in burnout, leading to further health complications. Hence it is advisable that people try to balance both nutrition and exercise, such that it is maintained at an optimum level. This can result in strong mind and body, especially muscles.


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