Nurture Your Little One’s Creative Mind With Skipy

Being a millennial parent gadget is part of our life. We majorly rely on technology and use it to pacify our little one. There are days when it is super difficult for me to cut out my child’s screen time.Moreover, I can’t imagine my child to use only paper pen and grow up all to be a creative individual. This is genuinely not possible, we need to feed the creative mind with something innovative, fun and amazing.

 convert the regular screen time into a productive activity


Nurture Your Little One’s Creative Mind With Skipy

Well, as a parent I can convert the regular screen time into a productive activity for my little one. I found Skipy to be the perfect answer. I found it to be the best solution that bridges the gap between the real world and the virtual world.

What is Skipy?

Skipy is a one-stop destination for kids learning, it is an innovative drawing app that involves a lot more than paper and pen. This app beautifully merges learning with sketching and coloring. In short, with the help of this app, the child can sketch, interact and play.

In fact, Skipy allows you to select from a wide array of amazing stories, characters, fun games. The child is welcomed by a cute teddy in English language, it also encourages the child to draw, color and visualize the drawing coming to life. At the same time, multiple children can play using Skipy app,  that means every child enjoys the personalized experience.

Highlights of Skipy

  • Focus on creative learning and motor skills development
  • Unique mixed reality toy with AR flashcards
  • All in one innovative teaching tools for parents and educators
  • Ideal for children in the age group of 4 to 10 years
  • The same App can be used for multiple children
  • Compatible with Android smart devices
  • Track the child’s progress within just a few taps.
  • Option to change the difficulty level based on the drawing skills

How to make screen time productive

How to get started with Skipy

I recently ordered the Skipy Travel Creative Play Kit for my daughter.  It is a simple and creative play kit for all the budding Picasso. This app also encourages the child to be a storyteller and improve their creative skills.

The Skipy box contains

  • Drawing pad
  • AR Flashcards
  • Stand
  • Marker (4 Colors)
  • Eraser

How To Use Skipy App?

Step 1: Download the Skipy app and register yourself, also scan the QR code mentioned in the Skipy kit.

Step 2: Encourage your child to draw a vehicle of her choice, she can refer to the AR flashcards. Follow the steps to color the vehicle and make sure the child uses a black marker to color the outline.

Step 3: Once the drawing is completed, take a picture of your drawing.

Step  4: See your child’s creation moving in the app.

Skipy focuses on creative learning

Why Skipy App?

I love the fact that Skipy focuses on creative learning and encourages the child to bridge the gap between real world and virtual world. The foundation skills of drawing are used where the child draws on paper and convert the drawing into reality. It is not only super fun and entertaining but also informative.

Benefits of Skipy App

  • Improves focus, attention and problem-solving skills.
  • Cultivate drawing and sketching skills
  • Boosts reading and memory
  • Travel-Friendly
  • Absorb information and facts
  • Improve language comprehension
  • Quality parent-child bonding time


With Skipy I am happy that my child is getting a balanced exposure to gadgets where she can play, engage, entertain, lean and stimulate her mind in a fun and creative way. Simply download the app and take this kit anywhere. It is one of the best educational and interactive activity kit for your little one.



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