Luxury Fabric and Haute Couture Fashion

An Haute-Couture design finds a way into the fashion counter only because designers aesthetic sense and hand-picked refined luxury fabrics. Some of these fabrics are expensive and that’s the main reason some of the global fashionistas from the industry hubs painstakingly involve themselves to choose, cut-them-to-pieces and hand sew them for over 100 hours, to make it custom-designed and top-of-the-line-clothing for a client’s body.

As you know, a maestro creates a master-piece only if he has the right-set-of-pieces!

western fashion with Indian ethnic ones

Yes, indeed recreating and creating some of the yesteryear luxurious fabric designs cannot be duly done without the right texture of fabrics and design that brings in the surrealness amidst various emerging fashion fantasies.

But before that, you must acquaint yourself as to how this ‘haute couture’ fashion seeped into Indian fashion fraternity, despite of its international origin.

Welcoming the Haute Couture fashion

It was France fashion industry and media-hubs which sowed the seeds of Haute-Couture fashion in Paris by way of protecting and safe-guarding individual design labels from piracy in 1868. It was in the year 1858, Charles Frederick Worth established first haute-couture house in paris, championing exclusive luxury fashion for the affluent class woman. The year 1908 championed the humble beginnings of haute-coutre fashion, in which designs made from luxury fabrics were photographed on a mannequin, front, back and side to be registered as evidence.

luxurious fabric designs

It was then Chambre Syndicale de la Haute Couture, a regulating commission body, brought out rules as to which houses are eligible as Haute-Couture houses. And were eligible if they were having made-to-order for private clients with more than one fitting, with 20 members of staff and must present 35 runs for both day time and evening wear to the Paris press.

Haute Couture fashion: Indian vs Western Fashion Trend

If you take yesteryear designers of the 21st century like Karl Lagerfeld into consideration, luxury fabrics like fur was used in his design and coated with 24-carat gold for the Fendi fall collection.

Today if you compare the western fashion with Indian ethnic ones, Rahul Mishra’s lehengas or Falguni Shane Peacock, have been constantly making rounds and receiving showstopper moments in the past few years in the runaway.

Online fashion store Tissura

The former has been welcoming a whole new ecosystem featuring birds, animals, lakes, swaying palms and huts in his opulent lehengas which has been replicated to recreate 17th century Mughal tile work and Islamic tessellations in their luxury fabric designs.

Falguni and Shane Peacock bridal gowns have got a new makeover with Swarovski crystals fitted on to faux fur. Moreover these designs and such affluent luxury fabrics are imbibed by trendsetters and style setters who wear these designer pieces as art rather than as an occasion or festive wear. is a perfect haute-couture hub for women’s and men’s fabrics and accessories with quality delivery spread across internationally. From simple buttons that would add uniqueness to your design to trimmings and exquisite design accessories, you can now shop online and order at your ease!





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