Know Your Health Well with Face Scan Feature from ICICI Lombard

The first innovative digital approach of ICICI consumers is ICICI Lombard which was introduced on Feb 3, the face feature scan allows the policyholders to know their vitals in a couple of minutes.

ICICI Lombard launched an app under the banner ‘Know Your Health’, which helps users keep a track of their vitals like blood pressure, SpO2(oxygen saturation), heart rate, respiratory rate, heart rate viability, and stress level in their comfort zone without any additional devices. The need and awareness of checking your vitals then and now is important due to the sudden spike of covid and other variants.It helps the user to check their vitals without any cost and hassle. They seamlessly help to create a comprehensive wellness solution and act as primary prevention, instead of the treatment after the illness. It also helps the user to monitor the vitals of their family.

What is the Face Scan feature from ICICI Lombard?

In previous years the company has been working on digital innovations for making the hassle-free user interface and efficiency in time like cloud-based insurance, easy online renewals, teleconsultation, policy registration, and so on. They are working hard to develop technological solutions for the consumer that makes the process easier and efficient to purchase the policy, renew their policy and make their service simpler.

In that case, ICICI Lombard has introduced a Face Scan feature that is highly innovative. The Face Scan feature can track your vitals which includes blood pressure, SpO2(oxygen saturation), heart rate, respiratory rate, heart rate viability, and stress level in a couple of minutes by scanning the face and also providing customers access to convenient teleconsultation through the audio or video chat and leads to wellness blogs and cloud-based storage for all policy-related documents.

How is the Face Scan feature from ICICI Lombard beneficial?

Today, everything is evolving into digital. The perspective of the medical field also should be evolved to create an illness-free world. Digital innovations connect people from all over the world in a cost-efficient and highly efficient way.

  • No added equipment needed

ICICI Lombard’s app uses the technology of photoplethysmography (PPG), which measures the changes in light absorption blood vessels to measure the blood volume changes that are the same as used in pulse oximeters.  Hence it does not need any extra equipment to calculate the vitals that are highly cost-efficient for all.

  • Hassle free

Sanjeev Mantri, Executive Director, ICICI Lombard said that this is one of their steps towards their commitment to consumer centricity, rooted in overall wellbeing and governed by empathy. He also quoted that it is a powerful innovation to democratize health checks and to deliver a frictionless experience for the consumers. This app promoted the consumers to have a consultation at home which enables them to have a safe health checkup during this pandemic. It allows the OPD consumers to have a cashless doctor’s consultation and allows them to order the required medicine for home delivery.

  • Accuracy

According to ICICI Lombard, the reading of the app has an accuracy of 92% – 95%, but it cannot be used for medical treatments. Amitabh Jain, head of motor and health at ICICI Lombard said that they already tested the accuracy of the app through their doctors and it was not designed for the medical intervention but it works similar to the pulse oximeter, which helps the consumer to have an appropriate time to approach the doctors for treatment.

It is also available for both IOS and android and it has reached 1.2 million downloads which encourages the traction between the consumers and the company.

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