Everything You Want To Know About Subhag Home IUI Kit

India stands as the world’s second most populated country but then there are a bunch of people who are finding it challenging to conceive naturally. In India, many young and physically healthy couples are unable to procreate. The fertility rate in India is decreasing with every passing year due to factors like stress, depression, health issues, sedentary lifestyle, hormonal fluctuation, etc. The issue of infertility is not gender-specific and both men and women are equally responsible to conceive a baby. Moreover, many couples with unexplained infertility suffer the most because no amount of medicine or treatment is helpful in such a scenario.

Everything You Want To Know About Subhag Home IUI Kit

IUI or Intrauterine Insemination is one of the fastest and safest option to get pregnant naturally.  IUI is similar to AI treatment but fertilization happens quickly and there is a higher chance of fertilization due to the increased number of sperms reaching fallopian tubes.  The biggest benefit of IUI is cost-effectiveness and it is less invasive. The similarity of IUI is an added benefit that makes the entire procedure hassle-free and there is no need for any fertility drugs.

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What is Subhag VConceive Home Insemination Kit

The brilliant team of Subhag HealthTech has recently launched VConceive, the world’s first home-based IUI kit. This DIY kit is the best solution to the issue of childlessness for infertile couples without visiting doctors, painful IVF sessions, and spending a fortune. With Subhag’s VConceive kit 99.9% insemination is guaranteed. It is free from drugs and chemicals and you don’t need to worry about the painful injections as well.  The   VConceive home insemination kit ensures 18 times more chances to get pregnant as compared to the artificial reproductive technique.

How VConceive works?

The sperms usually have a low motility rate and cannot travel to the fallopian tube for an infusion. V Conceive helps as a travel medium for sperm to reach the cervix hole. This is a very important step to get pregnant.  The kit comes with VConceive cup which safeguards sperms from the vaginal fluid. Using the VConceive IUI kit is convenient, it is just like a menstrual cup and is 100% the safest choice.

Step 1: Sanitise your hands and take VConceive.

Step 2: Fold the V cup and insert it inside the vaginal canal, if need use a natural lubricant.

Step 3: Attach the collected semen at tail and perform insemination

Step 4: After 3-5 hours remove it and wait for the new beginning in your life.

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Highlights of Subhag VConceive

  • Cost Effective – The price of the IUI kit is 40 times cheaper as compared to the expensive IVF treatments
  • Hassle Free – You don’t need to visit the clinic, check for doctor’s availability, or take an appointment.
  • Reliability – The Subhag VConceive is highly reliable and guarantees 99.9% insemination.
  • Availability – The V Conceive home kit is available anytime, anywhere, and at your doorsteps.
  • Discreet – This kit ensures 100% privacy, only you and your partner will be aware.
  • Side Effect Free – No need to worry about painful injections, chemical loaded drugs, or procedures.


VConceive Home Insemination Kit comes with a user manual and you don’t need the help of any health care provider to get started.  The entire procedure of insemination hardly takes 5 -7 minutes without any pain or cramp in the body.

Subhag VConceive Home Insemination Kit ensures 100 % privacy and is a comfortable and cost-effective choice. There are zero chances of sperm mixing and 99.9% of insemination is guaranteed. If you are struggling to start a family or having difficulty conceiving naturally, VConceive Home Insemination Kit is the best and safest choice. it is easily available on amazon , click here to buy.




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