D7 Trailer – Finally A Rom-Com Worth Watching

What is love? And is there a way we could decipher between the real from the fake ones. Ideally, people avoid brooding about stuff like this But think about it. Of late, people have been taking the emotion of love, way too seriously. Even movies based on love started carrying a more serious tone nowadays, and this is where we draw the line.

Just when I was desperately looking for some funny rom-coms to break the monotony of seriousness, I stumbled upon the trailer of  ZEE5 original D7. Why D7? Believe me, I have been asking likewise since the day I watched the trailer. And I guess we would only come to know when it finally hits ZEE5 on 22nd February.

D7 Trailer – Finally A Rom-Com Worth Watching

The trailer of D7 looked very promising with an amazing cast. It features some of the known faces from Kollywood. The protagonist, Sachin, is played by this guy whom I remember seeing in Chennaiyil Oru Naal. D7 also features the internet sensation or should I say Instagram sensation, Meenakshi, who is playing the friend of the female lead, Iswarya. Even Iswarya has had her brush with Tamil cinema as she had previously appeared in two Vijay Sethupathi movies, Kavan and Rekka.

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As good as the trailer looks, it was not that easy for me to make out something from the trailer. Before I get started with the trailer analysis, I just want to get this thing on records that I’m just using my cinema knowledge and observation skills for this trailer analysis.

Trailer Analysis

The trailer starts off with Sachin, the lead, stalking a girl, Meenakshi, right from temple to the streets of Chennai. But somehow her friend, Iswarya, falls in love with him. Sachin asks Iswarya to prove her love by getting in a live-in relationship with him for a week. But little did he know that destiny has conspired something else for both of them as they get caught by Iswarya’s elder brother. But it just doesn’t stop there, things continue to take a dark turn with unexpected accidents and twists that have you grab your seat.

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When it comes to Tamil cinema, filmmakers have often opted to shy away from addressing the ‘real’ aspects of life. But which is good, in a way, because the big screen experience has always been associated with escapism. But with TV shows, especially through the influence of foreign content, directors are pushing the envelope to tell more real stories with an unfiltered approach that people can relate to on a personal level. Now that we finally understood the true potential of web series and the kind of impact they can make on its viewers, the sky is literally the limit. A glimpse of that can be seen in the D7 trailer here.

Best Scenes And Dialogues

Now that we know what is D7 all about, at least that’s what I think. let’s talk about some of the best scenes and dialogues used in the movie. The one thing that separates web series from Kollywood movies is the liberty to say things without putting a filter in it. This has encouraged the writers to go against the grain, and this can be seen in D7’s trailer as well. For examples, some dialogues in the trailer are such that they surely would not have passed the censors, if D7 were a movie.

searching for best romantic comedy series in tamil. D7 is the best solution

Overall, the trailer looks very good. It has a very commercial tone with some humorous elements sprinkled all over it. It has left me pretty excited about the web series, and I hope it leaves up to the high expectations it has set. So, what did you feel about the trailer? Are you as excited as me? Let me know in the comment section.

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