How to Choose The Baby Food & Organic Products

Initial years are the most crucial stages in a baby’s overall development as their delicate body is slowly adapting to the physical world and eventually growth takes place. Babies must be given proper nutrition to bolster their growth, development, and exploration.The nutritional need of a baby is different from adults. It is important to offer balanced and healthy meal to a baby every day.


Baby food is usually in the form of puree which makes it easy for the baby to consume and there is zero chances of any choking hazards. Baby food is wholesome and scientifically proven to have all that a baby needs to grow strong and healthy. Baby food guarantees all the nutrients that the baby will need and so it is the most ideal food to give to babies.

How to Choose The Best Baby Food & Organic Products

It is difficult for a new mother to have enough time to prepare homemade food, thankfully we have lot of healthy and good baby food options available at the market. But choosing the best baby food can be a tricky task. Many companies sell processed baby food that uses low-quality raw materials, maybe unhygienic, are expensive, and, in short, may not be a healthy choice for the baby.  Here are the top 7 tips that you can follow to select the best baby food.

1. The search for Iron

Iron is one of the most important nutrients for the growth and development of your baby’s body and brain. Go for iron-fortified baby feed that includes cereals or single meat, without additional ingredients. Please avoid sweetened cereals as they contain unnecessary sweeteners. Instead, opt for tiny fruit or vegetable bits if you want to add a flavor.

2. Go for the Real Greens

Carefully search for baby food that has veggies in them. Avoid Baby Food & Organic Products that mix veggies and fruits. Train your baby from a young age to taste the blandness of veggies. Once again, avoid artificially flavored or even naturally flavored baby food.

3. Juice is just Sweetened Acid

The problem with juices is that they are hardly nutritious. They only give your baby cavities from a very young age; they may have high acidic content and they are hardly ever filling. And by juice, we also mean natural fruit juice. It is best to avoid giving your baby juice until his/her first birthday.

 Baby Food & Organic Products

4. Read What you Feed

You must read the contents of the food that you are going to feed your child. Avoid food that has preservatives, artificial colour and sweetness in them.

5. Beware Fancy Packaging

Just because the packaging says ‘organic’ or ‘100 percent natural’, does not truly mean that the baby food is what it claims to be. Don’t let attractive taglines, packaging, advertisements, and offers to fool you into buying something that could potentially harm your baby in the long run. So be careful to go through the contents and, if possible, get a pediatrician’s opinion.

6. Age Oriented Baby Food

Follow the age criteria to feed a particular food , always stick to the  servings size properly.  Never force feed the baby.

7. Hygienic

Never compromise on the hygiene factor. Also, ensure that there is a standard quality in the overall product and taste. The Baby Food & Organic Products should contain perfect balance of proteins, fats, calories, vitamins, and minerals.

Gerber Baby food – The Most Reliable Baby Food

Gerber baby food is one of the biggest baby food brands across the globe. It is operational since 1927 , it is a USDA Certified Organic foods brand specially designed for your child from the brand you’ve grown to trust. The best part is, Gerber baby food offers wide array of choice that includes wholesome fruit and veggie purees. The flavorful puree is loved and relished by tiny tummies. It is a perfect started food for infants and can be offered up to the age of 2+ years.

biggest baby food brands across the globe

The best part about Gerber Baby Food & Organic Products 

  • Time-saving
  • Ready to use
  • The perfect mix of healthy ingredients
  • Tastier
  • Both Organic and non-organic
  • Age-appropriate texture
  • A perfect balance of nutrients
  • Travel friendly packaging
  • No artificial flavors
  • Made with natural fruit and veggies
  • It won’t induce constipation
  • 100% nationally recyclable packaging
  • Gluten-free option available

 My Take on Gerber Baby Food

I started using Gerber Baby food for my daughter from 7th month. It is a healthy weaning food option for all the mothers who are running out of time. The food packaging is ideal for regular as well as traveling.  You can explore wide array of Gerber baby food options, each one is excellent in taste, flavours and textures. It is available from smooth to chunky texture. I would highly recommend Gerber Baby food for all the mothers, it is the perfect weaning food.

Babyhood is the most vulnerable stage in a human’s life and it is the stage that has the most potential for growth and development. So, choose Baby Food & Organic Products wisely; if it were up to us, we would choose Gerber’s. Happy parenting!


Hema Gayatri

Zenith Buzz Editor

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