Begin Your Pink Girl Era With Colorisma!

Are you ready to up your hair color game? Are you looking to embrace your femininity with pink hair color? Anveya’s Colorisma Smart Semi-Permanent hair color will help you begin your Pink Girl Era. We will discuss what a Pink Girl Era is and the various hair color styles you can achieve using Anveya’s Colorisma LA Pink. In this blog, you will also learn why pink is a perfect choice for you. 

Pink hair color is gaining momentum in the fashion industry, with many celebrities embracing the pink hair color. With celebrities like Gigi Hadid, Megan Fox, Lizzo, and Joey King joining the pink hair color trend, you might have noticed a sudden surge in the popularity of pink hair color. From Baby Pink to Spanish Pink to Orchid pink, it isn’t easy to choose a shade of pink hair color. Ask celebrities like Gigi, Dua Lipa, Kaia Gerber and others who have experimented with the color. Pink hair color comes in various shades, so you can make it as bold or delicate as you’d like.

What Is a Pink Girl Era? 


Coloring your hair in bold, vibrant colors has become a trend, as it is a fun way of expressing yourself. With the hair coloring industry evolving, we have witnessed a lot of hair coloring techniques and trends recently, with pink hair color topping the chart as of now. A popular trend that has emerged recently is the Pink Girl Era which is nothing but embracing your femininity with pink hair color. Pink has become the season’s color, as it’s the opposite of the stereotypical idea of hair color. The Pink Girl Era is not just about hair color; it’s about your whole lifestyle. Wake up and get going while embracing the bubbly, chunky, fun-loving girl inside you. Enjoy and have fun with your pink hair color, Barbie will envy you. Create unlimited funky looks with Anveya’s Colorisma LA Pink, and let the whole world see the girly girl inside you.

How To Get Pink Hair With Colorisma? 

Anveya’s Colorisma Semi-Permanent Hair Color with Bond Tech Hyaplex allows you to experiment with colors. You don’t have to get into a long-term commitment and can explore vibrant shades without worrying about damaging them. This unique hair coloring formula with Hyaplex repairs the damaged strands while coloring it. Here’s how you can get the fresh, rich pink hair of your dreams with Colorisma.

  1. Pick the LA Pink shade from our vibrant range of hair colors.
  2. Before applying this semi-permanent hair color, ensure your hair is bleached or pre-lightened.
  3. Take your Colorisma Smart semi-permanent hair color in the rich pink shade and apply it on dry hair with a brush.
  4. Divide your hair into small sections and saturate each section thoroughly.
  5. Keep the color for about 25-30 minutes.
  6. Wash off with a shampoo and apply a conditioner for a smooth, glossy look.

You can also try other vibrant shades, which include warm shades such as Cairo Yellow, Madrid Red, Northern Neon, and Valencian Orange hair colors as well as some cool, vibrant shades such as Tokyo Purple, LA Pink and Moroccan Blue hair color, for creating unlimited new looks. 

Begin Your Pink Girl Era With Colorisma LA Pink 

The most versatile and sought-after hair color of the season is Colorisma’s LA Pink. This semi-permanent hair color is a perfect solution for damaged hair. Its unique formula with Hair Bond Tech Hyaplex is easy to use and delivers high-quality hair coloring solutions with long-lasting results. As per the common notion, ‘Pink is for girls and blue is for boys’ no offense to the young ladies out there ‘but why should girls have all the fun? Anveya’s Colorisma LA Pink hair color is curated for both men and women. It’s for everyone who wants to add a pop of pink to their natural hair color. Let’s explore the iconic ‘pink hair-don’t care’ look that can be achieved with our LA Pink hair color.

1. Highlights With LA Pink Hair Color 

If you want to add a pop of pink without going overboard, go for highlights. With LA Pink, you can achieve phenomenal pink highlights that will make many heads turn in envy.

2. Lowlights With LA Pink Hair Color On Brown Hair 

Brown and pink hair colors complement each other very well, creating an edgy vibe. If the natural color of your hair is brown, creating lowlights with pink can add an extra dimension to your hair. Imagine a chocolate fudge with strawberry toppings on it.

3. Create Balayage With Pink Hair Color 

If you want to stay in-trend and look stylish yet sophisticated, go for pink balayage. Add a splash of LA Pink Semi-Permanent hair color to create a soft, feminine touch to your mane using the balayage highlighting technique.

4. Head Full Of Pink 

You need the right attitude to flaunt a head full of Pink in grace. If you want to go bold, color your hair pink from root to tip. The global hair color in pink looks so flirty that you can’t take your eyes off it easily. This global hair coloring trend is there to stay for a long time.

5. Ombre Hair With Pink 

Ombre hair has been the biggest hair-coloring trend in the past few years. To get the traditional ombre hair, apply LA Pink semi-permanent hair color on the desired sections of your bleached or pre-lightened hair. You are party ready with this ombre pink hair, making your colleagues and friends envy your dazzling hair color.

Pink hair color is in trend, and you can keep up with the latest trend with Colorisma’s Smart LA Pink. No more looking back; jump on the bandwagon and begin your Pink Girl Era With Colorisma Smart.

Hema Gayatri

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