5 Best Brain Boosting Games for Kids (3 To 5 Years)

Every parent wants their kids to be a good learner, intelligent, and sharp in all aspects. The brain development of a kid starts from the age 2.5 years to 3 years, when they start talking, recognizing things, place, name, person etc., this is the time we beings parents need to give more attention and time to our kids for their growth and healthy brain development. Here are the


5 Best Brain Boosting Games for Kids (3 To 5 Years)

1. Hide and Seek
Hide and Seek Games to boost Brain

This game can be played by a group of people or in a pair. You need to hide and ask your child to find you or vice-versa. This is one of the best physical exercise game. It makes your child think of places to both hide and search. This helps kids in developing finding skills and object analysis. The best would be to include parents and grandparents in this game.

2. Building Blocks

This is one of the basic games mostly played by all kids. This game provides ample of opportunity to explore different size, shape, and color. This is the quick, easy, and joyful way to learn about different shapes, size, and color.

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3. Role Play
Role play game to boost kids brain

This includes games like doctor-patient, teacher-student, police and thief and etc., this helps them in understanding the importance of these personalities knowing what is right and wrong, about good and bad habits. You can experiment with different role-playing options like zookeeper, hair salon, restaurant etc

4. Group Games

These are basically the games which can be played in a group like puzzles, play dough, musical chairs, Scavenger Hunt. These games develop sharing habits, creating a bond amongst them, and improve their communication skills too.

5. Finding Objects

Here you need to place different toys near your kid then show him/her a particular toy picture and ask him/her to bring that toy to you. For example- showing color pencil image to the kid and asking them to find that particular color pencil. This will make the kids learn about new things and also name them.

Why Brain Boosting Games Should Be Played ??

Fun learning is always good for kids, kids should enjoy what he or she doing which makes it easy to understand and catch up with things in their mind. Hence, learning through gaming activities or games, make learning easy and fun for kids.
Why Brain Boosting Games Should Be Played

If your little one is not enjoying the activity or game or if they are bored with what they are doing, we should not force them to do so. Forcing and pressuring kids for anything makes it difficult for them to understand and it disturbs their mind too. Keeping kid’s mind relax and free makes them energetic and smart learner.


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Try these exciting games and boost their brain development. I’m sure you will love to be a part of their brain development.

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