Top 5 Popular Foreign Languages to learn in India


It is always beneficial to learn foreign languages. Language is a wonderful skill that many should develop. To be able to communicate multiple languages enhances several aspects of an individual. Learning a language allows people to be able to demonstrate their intellectual prowess and refine their communication skills. Learning a foreign language can allow one to excel in their education, career and life. Learning multiple languages opens doors to higher and advanced education abroad. Many colleges or universities that are abroad prefer students who know their native language. This helps to make foreign students cope with the native medium of instruction. What’s more? If a person is looking for a job abroad, it is especially important that they learn the native language.

Learning the language of that country allows them to better communicate, especially in the business and health sector. Learning the language that is native to a country helps boost one’s rate of survival in that country. It allows them to better and more easily adapt to the new lifestyle or different circumstances.

Top 5 Popular Foreign Languages to learn in India

Working abroad or studying abroad opens up a lot of doors to high paying careers. There are several foreign countries with organizations that are willing to pay high salaries provided that the candidate is familiar with the native language. It is important to also remember that due to globalization it is now very essential to learn foreign languages.. Here are the

Top 5 Popular Foreign Languages to learn in India



About 300 million people spread out across the globe speak in French. Nearly 30 countries recognize French as one of their official languages; thus, giving due significance to the language and its scope. Puducherry, which was once a French colonial settlement, currently a Union Territory town in India is well known for still retaining and celebrating the French culture. French opens up individuals to a wider range of job opportunities and educational opportunities. In order to work in France or study there, one needs to know basic French. Basic French is essential for survival and to thrive in France or other French-speaking countries. Here are 5 benefits of learning the language:

  • Wider range of job opportunities
  • Opportunity to study in France
  • Aids in exploration of French culture
  • Essential for survival in France or other French-speaking countries
  • Enjoy renowned classical French art, literature and films



Germany is a land known for its rich culture and history. German is well renowned for being one of the most widely spoken native languages in Europe. Germany is famous for its bread, beer, sausages, technology, castles, art, education and nightlife. It is a beautiful place to explore and start a new life! German is considered to be one of the highest paying languages for sectors like hospitality, media, travel, tourism, teaching and translation. Nearly 185 million people all across the globe speak German. Here are 5 benefits of learning German:

  • It allows one to capitalize from the friendly economic ties between Germany and India
  • One of the highest paying languages
  • Chance to experience the rich culture of Germany
  • Access to a more sophisticated lifestyle
  • Various benefits for Indian students pursuing education in Germany



Spanish is one of the most popular foreign languages to learn. Spanish is considered to be the official language of 20 countries, with about 400 million native speakers. The number of individuals who speak Spanish is roughly 572 million worldwide. Spanish is widely spoken even in primarily English-speaking countries such as the United States, where about 13% of the population are capable of speaking Spanish. Here are the benefits of learning to speak Spanish:

  • Experience speaking the renowned and beautiful Spanish accent
  • Career opportunities such as travel, tourism, journalism and international business
  • Capitalize from the growing business relationship between India and Hispanic countries
  • Access to enjoy Spanish lifestyle and culture
  • Easier to settle down in Spanish-speaking countries



Japan is one of the most popular languages in the world. Today Japanese culture has gained a lot of recognition across the globe. Japan is well known for its media, automobiles and robotics technology. It is one of the fastest growing economies in the world. Here are 5 reasons why you should learn Japanese:

  • To enjoy Japanese manga and anime
  • To experience the Japanese culture
  • To gain access to education and job opportunities, especially in hospitality and industrial sector, in Japan
  • To easily settle down in Japan
  • Japanese is a challenging language to master



China is one of the most competitive and fastest growing economies in the world. From mass producing technology to architecture, China is unrivalled and remains at the top. Mandarin is the most spoken language in the world. Here are the top benefits of learning Chinese:

  • China offers Indians a lot of high paying job opportunities
  • It has a relatively lower cost of living when compared to other countries
  • Greater scope for studying medicine in China
  • Increased business opportunities
  • Appreciation of Chinese cuisine and culture



The world has become increasingly competitive and hence one needs to develop their arsenal in order to survive. But apart from career and education, it is important to understand that learning a foreign language helps improve one’s life experiences and open them up to new perspectives and cultures associated with that foreign language. This helps to improve the quality of life of the individual and allows one to travel and thoroughly explore life. Do checkout GuruQ to have the best learning experience of foreign languages from the experts.

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