MyOxy – Safe, Affordable and Portable Oxygen Cans in India

Pollution is always the biggest problem in India. Despite cleaning and keeping the environment clean the air pollution is seriously taking a toll on people’s health and overall environment. Air pollution is not visible but the tiny particles cause endless diseases and respiratory issues.  With the pollution level causing new health issues every day, it is high time to find a reliable solution.

MyOxy – Safe, Affordable and Portable Oxygen Cans in India

What is MyOxy?

MyOxy has launched personal oxygen cans in India. An ideal option to breath fresh oxygen when you need it the most. The portable personal oxygen cans are designed in such a way that it can be stored at room temperature.MyOxy is an OXYGEN I.P which is portable and approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). This fresh canned oxygen strictly follows the Indian pharma standards and is available in all leading pharms.

What is MyOxy - Portable Can

The MyOxy can is 5.9 litters at 1200 kilopascal and comes in a disposable aluminum can.  MyOxy is priced at INR 399 each can. A suitable option for all age, it can be used by the child, expecting mothers and even senior citizens. MyOxy is a reliable option to boost the oxygen level in the body instantly. It can be used in the case of the loss of breath, air pollution, high altitude, intense workout, stress etc.

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Moreover, MyOxy cans are essential first aid component which is must during an emergency situation like suffocation, loss of breath, heaviness etc. With 3-6 inhalations, the situation can be stabilized quickly as the MyOxy helps to raise the oxygen level and the body functions normally.

A Word From The CEO, MyOxy – Mr. Anand Gupta said “Pollution continues to be a massive problem across India. Pollution levels in Delhi/NCR are at an all-time high, with the most recent figures showing PM 2.5 levels (particulate matter) at 95. The Air Quality Index (AQI) of Delhi recently dived into the ‘unhealthy’ category and was last recorded at 211. While the Government is making efforts, we have unfortunately observed little progress in the state of air quality in Delhi.

 MyOxy is an endeavor to help people in polluted cities

MyOxy is an endeavor to help people in polluted cities like Delhi/NCR realize the benefits of fresh oxygen and make it a part of their everyday life for their safety. The can have been designed in an easy to use, compact packaging that is lightweight, weighing lesser than your mobile phones, and can be stored at room temperature.”

Where MyOxy can be utilized??

High Altitude

While climbing mountain peak and high altitude many people become breathless due to lack of oxygen. It can lead to nausea, dizziness, fatigue, dehydration and sometimes headache, MyOxy cans are designed in such a way that it can be carried while you are traveling. A needful item which all mountaineers, hikers should carry with them. It can also be used by the Défense folks who are posted in mountains and high-altitude location in India like Kargil, Nathulapass, Leh, Amarnath etc.

First Aid Kit

MyOxy is the most essential part of first aid box

MyOxy is the most essential part of first aid box, it is highly needed during the emergency situation when oxygen drops. It provides instant oxygen during a high-intensity workout, air traveling, religious training, respiratory issues. While preparing a first aid kit, don’t forget to include the portable MyOxy can.

Air Pollution

The cities like Delhi, Bangalore, Mumbai are highly polluted, the level of air pollution is extremely high and when you breathe in this polluted air, it can cause severe lung and respiratory issues. Hence, if you are part of these cities you must carry MyOxy can to rule out such scenarios, it provides instant relief from respiratory difficulties when the air pollution level is high.

The MyOxy can is a product of Gupta Oxygen Pvt. Ltd, they are the leaders when it comes to industrial, Medical and Refrigeration gases with 50 years of industrial experience, they have always come up with innovative, portable and safe options for everyone.


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