L’oreal Paris Magic Retouch – Black Review


I’ve been waiting for such product from a very long time which will immensely change my concept of hair coloring.LOREAL always serves the best quality product ever. I’ve been using many L’oreal products and I am satisfied with using its entire product range.

I feel hair plays an important role in grooming, even a simple grey hairline can shatter our confidence. Hence, I love to hide my greys and color my hair regularly The L’oreal Paris Magic Retouch gave a great transition to my hair. This process will definitely incorporate into my beauty routine.

L’oreal Paris Magic Retouch – Black Review

Recently I bought L’oreal Paris Magic Retouch Black, seems interesting and impressive to me. This is one of the best and innovative idea L’oreal has ever come up for hair color, which gives an instant result. It is one of the best hair colors I’ve ever used


  • It is easy, the handy spray bottle helps you to carry it anywhere.
  • It has a small and little narrow nozzle which makes it easy applicator.
  • It has that quick dry formula feature which smartly covers grey hair.
  • It blends so perfectly that it doesn’t look artificial and matches completely with your hair.
    l'oreal paris magic retouch black review

The best part of this product is that it lasts long on your hair unless and until you give a shampoo wash.

Simple to Use and Easy To Apply

Even the applying process is very easy. All I did is, shake the bottle and spray it on the roots of my hair, waited for 3 seconds to let it pat dry. This is completely a time-saving product where you don’t need to go to the expensive saloon, no need to use the messy hair color (which makes you wait for 30-40 minutes).  The end result is perfect, you won’t find any frizzy or dry hair. It stays normal as earlier.

Hence I was completely convinced of the product but a minor doubt came to my mind that in summer, due to sweating it will melt down, I am glad it proved me wrong. I applied the Magic Retouch on my hair and went to the gym, I thought the sweat will wash away the color but it stayed normal. This quality amazed me. I know this is a temporary hair color but I can’t stop myself opting for this product.


I have a hectic schedule where I don’t get much time to visit saloon and I avoid doing hair color at home because I abominate using that grubby, muddled and semi-liquid hair color. That was so annoying for me, I had to adopt the same messy procedure after every short of the interval of time without any choice.

Final Verdict

I recommend this to all busy women like me because it is quick, easy and time-saving. I am sure whoever try this going to be in love with this product. I want to thank L’oreal for coming up with such fabulous and fantastic product…!!!

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