Leo Mother – Pisces Daughter compatibility: A short tale about opposite attracts

Every zodiac sign is unique and fascinating. There is a total of 12 zodiac signs and each one have a significant, deep and direct connection to its planet. In fact, we can get a brief idea about a person by analyzing their zodiac signs, it communicates all lot about the traits and emotions. Understanding the zodiac compatibility can help you to grow and establish your relationship with your loved one. I am a Leo and my daughter is Pisces, we are poles apart and have a unique Leo Pisces compatibility.

Leo Mother – Pisces Daughter compatibility

Leo as a Mother

The Leo women are queens and naturally born leaders. We love to be praised and appreciated. I believe I am the biggest cheerleader of my daughter, my expectations are super high and challenging too.  Here are some common traits of Leo women as a mother.


  1. Pride Lovers

We love to show our affectionate. I have literally recorded each and every milestone of my little one and cherish those moments. Leo ladies always carry a sense of pride which makes them super happy. The feeling of being accomplished is greatest.

  1. Strict Parents

Being a Leo, I am naturally born leader and super strict. I do whatever it takes to protect my daughter and she always remains to be my priority.

The Leo women are queens and naturally born leaders

  1. Self-Centric

This got to be me!!! Sometimes I actually feel the world revolves around me and my child is my biggest achievement.

  1. Drama Queen

Yes, my husband calls me like this and I am totally fine with it. If my daughter is facing and problem I need to fix it as soon as possible with all drama.

Pisces as a Daughter

Pisces believes in balancing heart and mind, these perfectionists look for a genuine friend. They are soft, emotional and practical folks.

  1. Extremely sensitive

Pisces kids are too emotional and empathetic. They love the special hug and attention, the emotional person in them demands it. My daughter is very easy to handle, a soft tone can make the parenting job very easy.

Pisces believes in balancing heart and mind

  1. No mind changing

Being highly emotional in nature, once my daughter decides something it is practically impossible to change her mind. Even if it is for a small toy, she will still stick to her statement forever.

  1. Super Imaginative

My daughter is very imaginative, she is in her own vision and exploring things. Her storytelling skills are brilliant and I can witness her creative side.

  1. Perfectionist

My husband has a tough time dealing with her perfection expectations. Pisces are perfectionists, nothing less and nothing more.

Leo and Pieces A Terrible Companionship

  1. Dignity Matters

Being a Leo I am warm, generous, and believe in maintaining my dignity at every aspect. I am extremely strong headed and for me, my respect comes first and then the relationship. Whereas my little one believes in adjusting and being submissive but once the trust is broken there is no second choice. Leo and Pieces companionship is unique.

  1. Goal Achiever

I am arrogant, stubborn and highly focused on my goal, I simply cannot deal with rejections. As a Leo, I strive and work hard to achieve the goal. Being a Pisces, she is very observant and examines every situation and individual. She doesn’t run, instead takes time to look into and try unique strategies from all possible angles.

Leo and Pieces A Terrible Companionship

  1. Honest

People who know me will vouch for my honesty and loyalty. I believe in being practical and leading the situation. My little one is extremely humble and honest and I adore this quality to the most.

In short, a Leo mother is super protective, fierce and loves her child to the moon and back. We love to show off our love and take the utmost pride in it. A Pisces child is very emotional, lovable, gentle and calm. Our relationship as Pisces daughter and Leo mother is a smooth ride with occasional tiny bumps.



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