Going Solo – A Memorable Trip To Thailand

I am a traveler, photographer, foodie, movie buff, writer and a Believer. I’m one of those girls who love to travel alone, try out different things, buy awesome souvenirs and sleep in airports. Yeah, I’m serious about the last part as well.

Going Solo -The Thai Life

So you may be wondering, why Thailand? Well, I didn’t have much say in choosing where I wanted to go this time. All the credits go to my Daddykins. Daddykins, seeing me work from 10 in the morning to 10 in the night for the past two months, decided that I needed a serious vacation.

All the way from Chennai to Singapore Thailand

Turns out that my boss also thought that I seriously needed an enriching experience, vacation and he was more than happy to give me a week off. I generally hate long holidays. I couldn’t say no, Daddykins also took the liberty in booking me the tickets, without my knowledge. He said that he had planned this a month ago.

All the way from Chennai to Singapore

So I boarded the flight to Singapore from Chennai. It was a 4-hour journey to Singapore. I couldn’t sleep. The flight attendants gave me free earphones, so I plugged them into my seat monitor and decided to watch a movie. Once the flight landed in Singapore, I had to catch the connecting flight to Bangkok, which was in the…OMG… next 30 minutes. So I literally ran through the airport. I had to reach Terminal 2 and so I boarded the in-airport sky train. I reached last, just as the flight attendant was about to close the flight doors. My TheBlindList journey begins.

It was a 2-hour journey to Bangkok and by the time I sat on my seat, I fell asleep; jetlag. Just as the flight was about to descend, the air hostess woke me up. In 10 minutes I had officially touched down on the Land of Thai. Sadly the worst part came first. It’s called Visa and Immigration.

A cool thing about Thailand is that you can get Visa directly at the airport, provided that you fill a form and show them some proof that you are in Thailand just to visit. The Visa is valid for 15 days. After a dreadful 2 hours, I was finally free! I met my travel agent who helped me with my luggage and led me to a van.

Journey to Pattaya Begins

They dropped me off at an Indian restaurant where I met my tour guide. So after the late brunch, we traveled to Pattaya. I fell asleep during the 4-hour journey; jetlag, yours truly. When we reached the hotel, I freshened up, changed into a fresh pair of jeans and a new top, my bestie Janna had presented me. So my solo trip to Thailand was about to start.

Day 1

The first day, the guide took me to the Pattaya floating market. The floating wasn’t actually a floating market, it was more like a regular market on piers surrounding a small artificial lake. I boarded the land-boat, a boat that could go on both land and water.

They had a small museum about Thai life and culture which gave off free massages, worth it! Then I bought a pair of cute-looking tiger paw shaped crocs for my younger cousins, a fish-shaped sandal for my mom and a pair of Harry Potter glasses, plus I bought an over-priced milkshake which would have given Daddykins a heart attack (sorry Daddy dearest).

Solo Trip To Thailand

There was this kiosk which sold fried scorpions, maggots and cockroaches, yew. I snapped a picture of them to show my pals back home.

Dream trip to Thailand

After a long walk along the floating market, I went to the Tiger park. Turns out that they let you touch the tigers. I maybe a cat-lover, but this was just too ridiculous; I wasn’t going to touch a tiger. Though I did buy a really cool tiger head shaped backpack as souvenir (which is now proudly displayed on my wall).

A 'Blind Date' with the world

Day 2

The next day I went paragliding over the Pattaya beach and touched down on the Coral islands.

paragliding over the Pattaya beach

After a visit to a Ramen and Soup restaurant at the local mall, my time had Pattaya had finally come to an end.

Day 3

The next day I was paired with another Indian family and we left for Bangkok. First up, a temple housing a super huge statue of Buddha made entirely of gold!

huge statue of Buddha,

After a lifetime full of climbing up and down staircases, and a side adventure involving me getting lost from my travel group, we (me, the guide and my travel group) went to the Marble Temple.

A memorable trip to Thailand

After that I was left with two option, spending the night on board a cruise ship with an inboard discotheque or a solitary walk down Walking Street. I chose the latter (not that I can’t bust some dance moves or anything) because I wanted to do some shopping.

And I don’t regret the decision I made. I bought this really cute handbag at a really fancy shop. I had witnessed the mind-blowing antics of the Turkish ice cream man in person!

Turkish ice cream man in person

Day 4

The next day involved me going on a real-life safari at Safari World.

Bangkok Animal World

After that was the main attractions of the Bangkok Animal World: the Orangutan show, the Elephant show, the Seal show and the infamous Dolphin show!

The last day on Bangkok was spent on my visit to the Ocean World where I scary sharks, cute penguins, disgusting reptiles, beautiful jellyfishes and ginormous turtles, other than the hundreds of different fishes.

The entire trip was a super hit. As I touched down on Singapore from Thailand, I had 8 hours till the connecting flight back to Chennai. Guess what I did. I slept on the airport floor just like all the other travelers, and I must admit, it was super comfy with me hugging on to my cute tiger head. At the end turly has a enriching experience. That is the end of me Going Solo to the Land of Thai, hashtag GIRL POWER!



3 thoughts on “Going Solo – A Memorable Trip To Thailand

  • October 17, 2018 at 8:03 am

    Seems you had a great fun. The meeting with self is very important. But I must say you got guts to visit the International destination alone. How did you meet up with your group again after you lost them?

  • October 17, 2018 at 9:09 am

    How amazing this Solo trip would have been..Great shots. Paragliding into the coral islands would have been amazing experience, I had done that and loved it. Thai experience is a perfect bliss.

  • October 17, 2018 at 9:54 am

    Amazing… This is a nice descriptive post. This might be helpful for some people who will be visiting Thailand for the first time. I want to experience fried scorpions, maggots and other insect at least once in my life. This is one in my Bucket list. Thank you for sharing this.


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