Famous Jazz Age Fashion Icons

the 1920s were a time that was defined by a shift in fashion and culture, it is considered as one of the most stylish decades in history, from movie stars to famous folks, the following women helped create iconic looks and best embodied the free-spirited ideals of the Jazz Age. Here is everything you should know about this style statement.

Famous Jazz Age Fashion Icons

Colleen Moore

famous flappers and fashion icons

Colleen Moore was a 1920s silver screen star who is one of the famous flappers of this decade. She has got everything starting from the cute, coquettish look. It was copied by women across the country. The lady is known for being one of the first famous women to sport an ultra-short haircut, a look which would become highly popular all credit goes to her forward-thinking sense of style.

Zelda Fitzgerald

Zelda Fitzgerald was an amazing looking socialite who is now considered “The First Flapper.” She has got everything the style, grace, and charm, it highly inspires many of her famous partner’s books, that also includes the famous write up” The Great Gatsby,” which will forever define 1920s fashion and culture. Her high society lifestyle transferred herself into an iconic figure during this decade.

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Clara Bow

Clara Bow was the original Hollywood “It Girl.” She is a famous name when it comes to her adorable pout, pencil thin eyebrows, and bobbed haircut. Her lavish lifestyle was envied by women across the globe, all this makes her one of the most iconic flappers during the 1920s.

Mary Pickford

a breath of fresh air in the fashion world.

Silent film actress Mary Pickford was also known as “America’s Sweetheart,” and her popularity made her surely into a successful actress even when sound was introduced to films. This pretty lady has got everything like the long hair, feminine frills, and demure sense of style was the antithesis of the popular flapper. All this has surely made her  a breath of fresh air in the fashion world.

Coco Chanel

Popluar Jazz Age Fashion Icons

This is another trending name when it comes to most famous names of 1920s fashion, the legendary Coco Chanel helped define what fashion looked like during this era. Her famous focus on menswear-inspired items which was truly a revolutionary, while her highly edited personal style was also incredibly inspirational and talk of the town.

Louise Brooks

Louise Brooks has emerged into a silent starlet, here screen presence was iconic during the 1920s. With a distinctly sensual essence, she gracefully carries a super short, slick bob and helped give rise to this stylish and sophisticated haircut. This is also trending even in today.

Greta Garbo

chick and stylish actress and a Jazz fashion icon

Greta Garbo was a chick and stylish actress during the 1920s. She is highly known for the fashion choices she wore off-screen. She was known for wearing oversized, menswear-inspired looks that are classically elegant and maintain a certain elegance to this day.


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