Explore 7 Hidden Places in Goa: Checkout The Untraveled Side of Goa

Planning to visit Goa?? Goa is not limited to Panjim, Dona Paula, Colva, Bars, and Churches. There are plenty of hidden and unexplored places in Goa which you should not miss during your next visit. If you are interested in experiencing the unspoiled, beautiful version of Goa then check of these 7 untravelled sides of Goa.

Explore 7 Hidden Places in Goa

Mobor Beach

Amazing unexplored places in Goa

Are you done with the crowded beaches in Goa, visit Mobor Beach. This is the most beautiful beach which is one of the unexplored places in Goa. Enjoy the peaceful evening with your loved one and witness the gorgeous clean sands, fresh sea water and a jaw-dropping view of the sunset. You can also find a few shops selling beautiful handcrafts, yummy Goan food.

Harvalem Falls

mesmerizing beauty which is a hidden treasure in Goa

Get swooned by the beautiful lush green jungles, Harvalem Falls is a mesmerizing beauty which is a hidden treasure in Goa. You would love to get drenched in the milky white fresh water and the scenic ambiance will make you fall in love with Goa again. This waterfall is away from the busy part of Goa. The best part is, you get to enjoy everything in complete privacy. You must also check out the spectacular Rudreshwar temple and nearby Arvalem caves.

Fort Tiracol

explore attractive designs and architecture of Goa

This one is for the art and history lovers who are interested in exploring attractive designs and architecture of Goa. The Fort Tiracol is a Portuguese fort and consists of 7 graceful rooms. You will be fascinated to know each room is named after a day of the week. The day you visit this historical beauty you get to witness the enchanting view of Goa from the room bearing that name. This 17th-century fort is converted into a stunning hotel.

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Bhagwan Mahavir Wildlife Sanctuary & Mollem National Park

Explore the diverse variety of rich flora and fauna in Goa

Goa is not only about beautiful beaches, pubs and clear sand, there are also numerous undiscovered wildlife sanctuaries in Goa, Bhagwan Mahavir Wildlife Sanctuary & Mollem National Park is one of them. Explore the diverse variety of rich flora and fauna. It is one of the best parks for all the adventure enthusiasts, you would love to satisfy the adventure enthusiasts in you by indulging into hiking and trekking.

Carambolim Lake

Explored the hidden Goa


This inland freshwater lake is a home for all the bird watchers and photography lovers. You can’t get enough of it every time you visit Carambolim Lake. Explore beautiful species of birds like kingfishers, migratory ducks, harriers, jacanas.

Netravali – The bubbling lake

Bubbling Lake, I bet you would have never heard something like this in Goa. Netravali is truly an incredible place which is away from the hustle bustle and tourists’ armies whom you encounter almost everywhere in Goa.

extraordinary thing to explore in mesmerizing Goa




Netravali is a tiny muddy pond which bubbles, do you want to know how?? The pond has presences of natural gases which create natural bubbles and it emerges on the surface, totally an extraordinary thing to explore in mesmerizing Goa. How about getting some free fish spa ?? just dip your feet in this fresh clear water and enjoy.

Bogmalo Beach

Untraveled Places in Goa


Enjoy the perfect blend of natural beauty and luxury at Bogmalo Beach. The cool breeze, mesmerizing view, blue sky, sea facing villa and lip-smacking cuisine would want you to make Goa as your second home. Satisfy the adventure enthusiasts in you by indulging in cool water sports.

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The Untraveled Side of Goa

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