Contraceptive Choices After Having a Baby

Intimacy is a vital part for all the couples. After the childbirth, many new parents are not sure about the safe time to indulge in sexual activities again. Your doctor is the right person to advise you about whether or not to resume into sexual activities post childbirth.

It is advisable for the couples to wait for at least 6 weeks before resuming, this time is needed for the cervix to close fully. Moreover, internal tear needs at least 4-6 weeks to heal. The body needs a good amount of time to heal before engaging in penetrative sex else the female can experience discomfort during the act.

Contraceptive Choices After Having a Baby

The most common concern for both men and women after childbirth is not to become pregnant again. It is always best to discuss with your practitioner about effective contraceptive options to prevent unwanted pregnancy.  You can either resume to the previous birth control method or even can look for some new better option. Here is some reliable birth control choice after you have a baby.

Hormonal Method

This birth control method involves using synthetic hormones which suppress ovulation in women. The uterine lining is thin, this prevents egg implantation. Moreover, the cervical mucus thickens which results in blocking the entry of sperm. These are a highly effective method to prevent pregnancy but this method does not guarantee protection against sexually transmitted infections.

 protection from unwanted pregnancy

If you are planning to go ahead with hormonal methods to prevent unwanted pregnancy after childbirth, you must wait for at least 4-6 weeks post-delivery. This method involves the use of estrogen combined with birth control pills. The estrogen pills are not advisable for breastfeeding mommies as they can suppress the production of milk and can affect the quality of milk as well. Moreover, estrogen can increase the risk of blood clots during the initial postpartum weeks.

Instead, mini-pills work as a great oral contraceptive alternative for women who are breastfeeding their little one. These mini pills come in a pack of 28 pills for 28 days. You need to take one pill each day in order to get a regular dose of the hormone. Make sure to take the mini pill same time every day and avoid skipping it.

Barrier Methods

Barrier method prevents sperms from reaching the eggs, it does not have any effect on your hormone or affect the lactation post birth. So far, the barrier method is the best birth control choices after having a baby.

  • Condoms for Men

The male condom is commonly available in all leading medical shops and online, it is usually made from latex and help to trap semen during intercourse.  The condoms help to provide complete protection gains HIV and STDs.  Unlike hormone-based contraception method, your partner can use the condom as soon as you are sexually active. It does not need any prescription from doctors.

Barrier method prevents pregnancy after baby

  • Condoms For Women

Female condoms are a thin pouch which prevents unwanted pregnancy and safeguards the individual against STD. Female condoms don’t need any physical examination, it can be used without disturbing your hormone and menstruation cycle.

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Intrauterine Devices

Prevent  pregnancy post child birth

The Intrauterine devices are highly recommended by major health practitioners to prevent pregnancy. It is a “T” shaped device which is either made using copper or synthetic hormone progestin. The device can last from 3-10 years. IUDs provide protection from unwanted pregnancy for the long duration. It is reversible and safe for breastfeeding mothers. Women using IUDs experience heavy periods, it should be avoided for women who are at high risk for sexually transmitted diseases.

Natural Way

The natural methods for birth control post pregnancy work best if you follow right discipline. There is no side effect but it the natural methods does not provide any protection against STDs.

  • Fertility awareness method

This method works best when your monthly cycles are accurate. You can easily predict the fertile and non-fertile days. You must observe the physical changes like change in the basal body temperature, the texture of cervical mucus. If you have a predictable menstrual cycle of 28 days or 30 days you can easily calculate the fertile and non-fertile days, avoid having sex during the fertile days to prevent unwanted pregnancy.

Calendar method to prevent pregnancy post child birth

Fertility awareness methods can be challenging for postpartum mommies. It is best to practice barrier methods if you are unsure about the fertile and non-fertile days and don’t want to get pregnant soon.

  • Lactational amenorrhea method

If you are an exclusively breastfeeding your baby and have not got your periods, Lactational amenorrhea method works 98% of the time. The lactation delays the return of fertility post pregnancy.


Sterilization is the permanent birth control method which can be revered but is expensive and complicated. If you don’t want to have more children in the future,  you can go ahead with sterilization. Sterilization works 100 % and does not affect sex drive, lactation, hormones and menstruation cycle.


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