Colic, constipation or indigestion – Mother Sparsh Tummy Roll On To The Rescue

Dealing with a colic baby can be the worst nightmare for a new mommy. The moment baby cries, the first solution is feeding and then patting them to sleep. But, if the baby is still unable to sleep, it can be majorly due to colic or gas.

Colic, constipation or indigestion – Mother Sparsh Tummy Roll On To The Rescue

The term colic means a condition due to which baby cries for a prolonged time period. Unfortunately, during those situations, the mommies find it extremely difficult to sooth the babies. A new born baby can experience colic as early as from the second week of life and it causes inconsolable crying of an infant.

What can be the major cause of colic in a baby?

The digestive system of the new body baby is extremely tender. The infant can cry for prolonged hours due to constipation or even indigestion. Sometimes, breastfed babies can experience digestive issues due to their mother’s diet. As per the research, excessive consumption of cow’s milk by mother can lead to constipation in infants.

What can be the major cause of colic in a baby?

Moreover, the formula fed babies can get intolerant due to the presence of excessive protein it. In some cases, the babies can experience constipation or gassiness due to overfeeding or feeding at a fast speed.

There are some cases where infants face a high risk of developing colic when the mother’s smoke during pregnancy. It can also result in low birth weight. All this an cause Acid reflux which can lead to indigestion and constipation.

Mother Sparsh Tummy Roll On

The ayurvedic Tummy Roll on from Mother Sparsh is the best choice to relieve intestinal gases and acidity in babies. The Tummy Roll-on is made with the ayurvedic formula which contains the goodness of hing oil, pudina oil, saunf oil, sova oil and sonth oil.

100% ayurvedic Tummy Roll On from Mother Splash

The natural ingredients make the Tummy Roll on the safest choice for babies and infants. The hing oil works as a natural antiseptic and antibacterial agent to suppress acid reflux and constipation. The saunf oil controls bloating of stomach and intestinal gas, it works as a natural anti-colic agent.

Why Mother Sparsh Tummy Roll On ???

1. The 100% ayurvedic Tummy Roll On from Mother Sparsh contains the goodness of 5 natural oils to treat the condition of colic, indigestion, and constipation in babies and infants.
2. The external application helps to relieve abdominal colic and intestinal gas. It is the best cure for constipation and indigestion in infants.
3. The ayurvedic Tummy Roll On is totally safe to use on fragile baby skin since it is free from harmful toxin or chemical. All the ingredients are natural and baby friendly.
4. The Tummy Roll On from Mother Sparsh is easy to carry even when you are traveling. The best part is, it can be easily applied externally on the baby’s tummy and is a mess-free ayurvedic solution to treat acid reflux, colic, and constipation in babies.

The Tummy Roll On from Mother Sparsh is an ayurvedic formula and is a natural and safest solution for infants suffering from indigestion, constipation, and colic . It is made with all-natural and toxin-free ingredients.

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