Benefits of using pain-relieving Cream instead of temporary aesthetic creams, sprays, or Medicinal Pills

The desk job can be super demanding and sometimes it takes a toll on your health. As a full time, professional and doting mom, backache is part of my life. I am sure most of you can relate to this pain and after a hectic day, body pain is the last thing anyone wants to experience. I am not a fan of medicines because I feel it does more harm than good and I am super allergic to the sprays they make me nauseous. I find pain relieving cream as a workable and instant solution to get rid of the pain that includes pain in the knee, joint, and backache.



Benefits of using pain-relieving cream

  1. Perfect Targeting

The biggest benefit of using pain-relieving cream is the precision targeting of specific body parts.  Simply apply the pain-relieving cream on the affected body part and wait for the magic.

Benefits of using pain-relieving cream

  1. Safe Internal Organs

Pain reliever creams are only for external application hence there is no side effect even if you use the ayurvedic Pain relief cream for the long term. On the other hand, pain killer medicines pass through your internal organ and can damage them.


  1. Instant Relief

The overall reaction time of herbal pain relief solution is quick, as soon as the skin absorbs the pain relieving cream, it starts to reduce the pain. The ayurvedic pain relief cream cures the pain from the root and it much better as compared to the regular sprays and pills.


  1. Works well for Multiple Types of Pain

Pain relieving cream is versatile and can be used to provide relief to numerous types of pain that include backache, knee pain, joint pain, muscular pain, etc.


  1. Zero Side Effect

If you are not tolerant towards the drug it can be extremely difficult for you to consume oral medicines. But herbal pain relief solutions are totally safe even you are intolerant to drugs. There are zero side effects.

Vicco Narayani – Pain Relieving Cream

For quick relief from pain, I use only Vicco Narayani – Pain Relieving Cream.  It provides quick and permanent relief and is free from side effects.

Narayani cream from Vicco is super effective to provide solutions for muscle ache, sprain, backache, knee pain, joint pain and works as a muscle relaxant. Vicco Narayani cream is the best Pain Relieving Cream, especially for sports players and elders. The powerful ingredients like rai, chahapati oil, dalchini, pudina, Kapur, etc works as a powerhouse to provide instant solutions to painful back, ankle, shoulder, muscle, knee, joints, etc.

Vicco Narayani - Pain Relieving Cream

The Vicco Narayani Cream contains the perfect blend of medicinal herbs, oils, is completely Ayurveda based and free from side effects.  The anti-inflammatory preparation makes this pain-relieving cream the ideal solution to get rid of pain permanently.

  • Works as muscle relaxant
  • Smoothen the blood flow and improves circulation.
  • Strengthens the blood movement
  • Provides relief from headache and cold
  • Powerful anti-inflammatory formula
  • Zero side effect


If you are looking for a powerful pain relieving cream, Vicco Narayani is the perfect herbal pain relief solution.
Vicco Narayani is also available in Gel and Spray form. To get rid of pain this is one of the trusted choices. It is the ideal solution to cure multifarious diseases, body disorders without worrying about any side-effects.

Hema Gayatri

Zenith Buzz Editor

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